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Maisie and The Thompsons are the new band in town in sunny Humberside. Think Jackson Browne meeting Richard Shindell for drinks…with Dave Mattacks.

Formed during a hazy open mic session at the Moonbeams Festival 2013, Maisie and The Thompsons bring together the 70’s keyboard-driven pop hooks of Jackson Browne and the contemplative folk sensibilities of Richard Shindell.
The band may not have been together long but the experience contained therein is evident in the killer tunes. It took just 2 or 3 minutes of listening to say yes to their request for a gig!
With drummer Mick Harding (ex-Circus Envy and therefore an Institute veteran) and Peter Bleasdale-Hill heading up the rhythm-section and Ben Sutton and Ant David handling guitar, keyboard and vocal duties, this new group play original, warm and catchy material that give you the perfect soundtrack to your Sunday mornings as well as your Friday nights.


alex berger
Alex Berger has moved from London to New York, got married, moved to Nashville and released two records since we’ve know him. He is a regular visitor to LATI and we’re always delighted to see him.
We are promised that he’ll have illicit copies of his not-quite-released-yet new EP with him.
steve folkSteve Folk considers himself a “folk survivalist”, he’s certain he will never be rich and he knows that the music industry will more than likely frustrate him until the day he dies BUT he knows he is doing exactly what he wants to do in his life and that’s the thing, for him at least.

He has three albums out and is currently writing a fourth.

“Absolutely Gorgeous” Janice Long BBC Radio 2: