11th March 2016 – BLUE ROSE CODE + IDA WENØE

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After a restful winter lay-off, we’ll be back in March with a welcome return for Blue Rose Code, Edinburgh-born Ross Wilson, who has gone from song-writing in the obscurity of an East London flat to being celebrated by the industry and fans alike as a legacy artist whose work stands alone, unsullied by the restrictions of trend. As Ross himself says, “I’ve never been cool and I’ve never been good-looking. In fact, I’ve zero interest in being cool”.

From the first listen, the music of Blue Rose Code pricks the ears and demands the attention. It’s merely the beginning. As BBC broadcaster Mary-Anne Kennedy said recently, “Blue Rose Code is one of those rare artists whose work makes you sit up and listen”.

“Blue Rose Code is a very important emerging singer/songwriter.”
Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2

“This rare display of soul and emption will not be boxed. A sign of something special.”
Spiral Earth

I was lucky enough to be present at a 72 pdi Ida face frontfantastic summer performance by Ida Wenøe‘s trio at Tønder Festival in her native Denmark, and resolved to bring the band to the UK as soon as possible.

It is a rare miracle to come across a cave so rich in jewels as the one beneath Ida Wenøe’s ribcage. Clash Magazine‘s description of her sound as being “bewitching acid folk with a deeply personal edge” and Paul Lester’s comments in The Guardian that she “sounds like the young narrator of her own magical-malevolent fantasies” perhaps begin to delineate her skills.

While she has an obvious appreciation of Americana, her sound is very definitely laced with more English undertones. Like the best of the Nordic Noir leaving the Danish mainland, the sound is at once both sonically pure and grimy and there is an honesty to the songwriting that tugs at your sleeve. While her grasp of English is second nature, there’s some of those intriguing turns of phrase that only a heart that dreams in another language can weave:

Sure, she has the usual credible influences from Vashti to Joni, from Neil Young to Danish folk hero Sebastian; and there’s hints of Sandy Denny and Linda Perhacs. But to list artists she sounds like would be to miss the point entirely. As anyone who has witnessed a live show can attest, Ida Wenøe is very definitely Ida Wenøe.

Don’t miss her.