Doors – 8pm. Tickets £12.50 on the door or £11.00 + booking fee via link:
Buy Tickets for The White GospelThe White Gospel head up this spectacular Chelmsford take-over, whereby the county town…sorry…city sends us its finest alternative rock and folk sounds for an evening to remove the chill from the air.

The White Gospel are fronted by French-English singer/songwriter David Arscott. The streets of Essex provide the inspiration for the prose and a backdrop to his cinematic songs.

Consisting of an acrobatic voice; the shimmer and twang of the telecaster guitar,
the solid jazz-like rhythm and fundamental elements the organ and piano, TWG deliver an altogether more vintage sound with a heartfelt, well studied approach to their special brand of music.

Sighting bands as eclectic as Love, The Icicle Works, The Smiths and The Beatles as definite sources of inspiration for the writing; the band stitch together a tapestry of these colours and styles onto Arscott’s canvas of classic, hook laden, melodiously rich songs.


Not to be confused with the biblical ass of Bethlehem, Little Donkey are a four piece folk-rock outfit.

Hirsute and grunge-withdrawn, these four have experienced and survived the tanned-and-toothed throngs of Essex and have in turn created catchy, story driven melancholy. Their songs crackle and pop within the eardrums whilst tickling at the heartstrings.

Sound Mirrors is a seven-piece, sunshine pop and alt-rock collective, gathered around the brilliant songs of singer, Richard M Wilson. Sound Mirrors combines classic song-writing with a wall-of-sound approach, Hammond organ, powerhouse drums, five part vocal attack, awkward, unlikely but highly theatrical, with an electric stage presence. Even in those sombre moments, there is a beauty and a joy in the act of sharing.

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