• Bursaries are non-repayable extra help.
    • English universities which charge the full £3,225 a year in tuition fees have to provide additional non-repayable support in the form of a bursary to students who receive the full Maintenance Grant or Special Support Grant.
    • A bursary has to make up the shortfall between the full Maintenance Grant of £2,906 and the tuition fee of £3,225.
    • Therefore universities will at least offer bursaries of £319, although many offer much more than this, so it pays to ask.

Access to Learning Fund

      • The Access to Learning Fund provides extra money for students who find themselves in financial difficulty.
      • Money from the Access to Learning Fund is paid on top of the standard student finance package.
      • Students are expected to apply for all the loans, grants and bursaries (as appropriate) to which they are entitled before asking for help from the Access to Learning Fund.
      • The Access to Learning Fund is operated at the discretion of universities and colleges and therefore students should speak to them about making an application. Monies from the fund can be paid as a non-repayable grant or as a loan, decided by the university or college, and they will also decide whether the money is paid as a lump sum or in instalments.

There is also other help available for students with disabilities; details of this help can be found on Directgov.

Further help is available for students who have an adult that depends on them financially. Details of this can also be found on DirectGov.

Furthermore, students with dependent children are eligible for additional help; details of this help can be found on Directgov.


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